The fishing simulator Fishing Planet, created by Ukrainian developers, has finally been released on Android.

The PC version of this free game was released back in 2015 on Steam. Later, the game appeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Recently, in April 2022, the game was released on iOS and finally Fishing Planet got to Android.

The mobile version of Fishing Planet received a new game interface with simple and clear navigation. Everything else is well known to fans of the game – beautiful places in different corners of the planet, various types of fish, familiar game mechanics.

It is interesting that despite the Ukrainian roots of the game, it will not be possible to fish in Ukraine. Among 25 (!) fishing locations 13 are located in the USA, 7 in Europe, 3 in South America and one each in Africa and Asia. And it is very unfortunate that the developers made the location in Russia on the Akhtuba River, but not on the Desna, Dniester, Bug, Siverskyi Donets, Uzh, Irpin or Aydarm, not even mentioining Dnipro. Gentlemen, how is this possible?