Traditionally, closer to the presentation of the new Apple Watch line, which we should see together with the new iPhones in the fall, more details appear from insiders. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg is probably one of the closest in his predictions. Currently, he tells what should and should not be expected from the presentation of “smart” watches.

Apple Watch Pro, which was already mentioned by Mark, should get a new body with a larger display, which will now allow to get a bigger battery. Also, the appearance of the watch should change compared to the already familiar look of the Apple Watch. Although it is noted that it is not about the round shape, but the “evolution” of the current rectangular one.

Now the watch will have a stronger case, probably made of titanium. The first mentions of the new model indicated that it will be designed for fans of extreme sports. In such conditions, you really want to have a watch with a shock-resistant case. Only it is still unclear how this is supposed to save the display and whether we will see sapphire glass.

“I’m told that the high-end model is going to be a good bit bigger than the standard Apple Watch—big enough that it might only appeal to a subset of customers. The screen will be about 7% larger, and the device will have a fresh look—the first time the company has introduced a new Apple Watch design since 2018. It will be an evolution of the current rectangular shape, and not circular. It also won’t have those rumored flat sides (for those who will undoubtedly ask). In terms of materials, the watch will have a more durable formulation of titanium to make it extra rugged,” Gurman writes in his weekly newsletter.

Also, it is not the first year that rumors about the function of measuring blood pressure and sugar level have been spreading on the Internet. These are some of the most anticipated features of “smart” watches today. But Mark has no good news here.

The new Apple Watch really is expected to learn to monitor the temperature change (not measure it exactly, but only report that it might have changed noticeably), but no more. The company is still working with pressure measurement and it is unlikely that such an opportunity will appear before 2025, and the function of the glucometer can be expected until the end of the decade.