For seven generations of “smart” watches Apple Watch, the company twice changed the size of the case and made adjustments to the size of the displays. Each time it was a slight increase from the 42/38mm case of the first model, to the 45/41 of the current Series 7. Mark Gurman elaborated on what changes the lineup could undergo this year.

The next series of watches may get another model that will increase the size of the display to almost two inches compared to 1.9 as it is now. This will be a model for people who do sports, whose watches have a higher risk of physical damage during training. The regular versions of the Apple Watch Series 8 and SE should retain the dimensions of their predecessors.

With the increased diagonal, the watch will have about 7% additional screen size, so to keep the image clarity at the same level as before, its resolution will be 410×502 pixels.

Taking into account the purpose of such a model, it will have a stronger metal body than the aluminum one of the current versions. The glass will also have to withstand greater loads than the glass in current versions, although there are no details on the materials yet.

Of course, such changes also leave room for additional battery capacity. And this is very appropriate because tracking physical activity significantly increases battery consumption.

Mark also noted that the Sport version will have the same range of features as the others. This means that such a watch will also be able to help with the control of body temperature, should improve the tracking of changes in altitude during hikes, and also receive more accurate data during swimming.

It is interesting that the performance of the new model will remain at the same level. That is, the S8 chip will retain the power of the previous version, which did not increase power last year either. This is the first time in the history of its watches that Apple will support the same level of processor power for three generations of devices.

There is still no information on the exact cost of the sports version. But Gurman points out that it will cost more than the steel Apple Watch, which currently starts at $699. The Apple Watch is usually updated with the iPhone, so there’s still plenty of time for new insides.