“Smart” watches are already able to make even cardiograms but are still not “trained” to receive two vital indicators, information about which users have long wanted to know from the device – blood pressure and body temperature. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg once again mentions that Apple is still testing the ability to measure the user’s temperature in the Watch Series 8.

If the internal tests are successful, the updated model of the “smart” watch from Apple will become even more useful. But there is one small nuance here. Unlike a thermometer, the Apple Watch will not make an accurate measurement, but will only warn the owner that their body temperature may have changed and should use a thermometer or consult a specialist.

“The body-temperature feature won’t give you a specific reading —like with a forehead or wrist thermometer — but it should be able to tell if it believes you have a fever. It could then recommend talking to your doctor or using a dedicated thermometer.”

In a conversation with The Wall Street Journal, Gurman also mentioned that a similar function could be used to determine ovulation and monthly cycles, which are characterized by slight changes in body temperature.

So if the tests are successful, the next Apple Watch update could get a really useful new feature. It will appear in the Apple Watch 8 and their new version for sports fans, but the youngest model Watch SE will not receive such an upgrade.

In addition, Mark noted that other significant changes should not be expected, although according to other insiders, one of the models of the next Apple Watch may enlarge the display by 1.99 inches, which really makes a difference. But relying on statistics, it is better to rely on Gurman’s information.