EU legislators have passed important laws that limit the possibilities of technological giants. In particular, Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft fall under their influence. This is reported by Reuters.

In addition to the Digital Markets Act, lawmakers also passed the Digital Services Act, which requires platforms to more strictly regulate illegal content. Companies will be fined up to 10% of their annual global turnover for violating the first act, and up to 6% for violating the second. At the same time, lawmakers have limited resources to force tech giants to comply.

Legislator Andreas Schwab, who led the issue through the European Parliament, called for a bigger task force to counter the deep pockets of tech giants. The European Consumer Organization is also concerned.

As a reminder, The Digital Markets Act requires companies to make their messengers compatible and to make their data available to business users. Business users will be able to promote competitive products and services on the platform and enter into agreements with customers outside the platform.

Companies will not be able to give preference to their own services over competing ones, as well as prohibit the removal of pre-installed applications. These two rules will especially hit Google and Apple.

The Digital Services Act prohibits targeted advertising aimed at children or based on sensitive data such as religion, gender, race and political preferences. Dark patterns – interfaces that deceive users for the benefit of businesses – will also be banned.