Hostomel was visited by British billionaire Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Galactic space company. He was interested in the possibility of rebuilding the airfield destroyed during the Russian invasion. This was reported by the head of Hostomel settlement administration Taras Dumenko.

“In Hostomel, he (Richard Branson) was interested in the airfield of the State Enterprise Antonov, the possibilities of its restoration. Together with representatives of Ukroboronprom and Antonov State Enterprise, they told the guest about such prospects and existing projects for the reconstruction of the airport,” the message says.

Richard Branson is the British businessman and founder of the Virgin Group corporation. It includes one of the most famous space companies Virgin Galactic, which is developing the SpaceShipTwo-class VSS Unity space tourism aircraft. Forbes Magazine estimates Branson’s fortune at more than $5 billion.

The billionaire supported Ukraine even before the full-scale war. During Euromaidan in 2014, he called on the Ukrainian authorities to repeal the dictatorial laws on January 16 expressed indignation at the death of protestors. After the occupation of Crimea, he insisted that the West should take the problem seriously and gradually refuse from energy dependence on Russia.

Amid increasing Russian aggression before February 24 invasion, Branson encouraged world business leaders to unite in defense of Ukraine. In the article My thoughts on Ukraine and Russia he said, in particular, about the efforts made by world business leaders since 2014 to contain Russian aggression.

Let us remind you that during the Russian attack on Kyiv region at the end of February they damaged airfield in Hostomel and most of the planes. Including the An-225 Mriya, the largest and most powerful transport aircraft in the world.