Those who have already been able to watch Top Gun: Maverick say that this is real military “porn”, which is now perceived very differently than before the full-scale Russian aggression.

One of the important elements of the film is the hypersonic plane Darkstar, which the protagonist will test in one of the episodes. To create this impressive machine, Skydance Media filmmakers turned to those who know how to develop high-speed aircraft – to experts from Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Development Programs, better known as Skunk Works.

How hypersonic plane Darkstar for Top Gun: Maverick movie was created

Skunk Works created the first American Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star jet fighter and modern invisible fighters F-35 Lightning II. Among other things, this is where the legendary Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the most beautiful and the fastest of military aircraft, was developed.

It was Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird that inspired Skunk Works designers to create the hypersonic Darkstar.  At the same time, Darkstar in the film is not computer graphics. Skunk Works has built a full-size prototype of the aircraft, which is why it looks so realistic.

By the way, anyone can send Darkstar into the stratosphere.  After the free update of Top Gun: Maverick this the plane appeared in Microsoft Flight Simulator.