Foldable smartphones, by the way, have one specific criterion for comparison, the place of bending the display. The fact is that the displays of these smartphones now do not allow to make the fold completely invisible. This line is visible from different angles and it is felt when used. And this is one of the biggest moments that the developers of such smartphones are working on.

Renderings of updated Samsung Galaxy Fold4 and Flip4 models appeared on the Internet last month. It was possible to draw some conclusions from them, but they still can not be compared with real photos. And we didn’t have to wait that long.

An enthusiast TechTalkTV posted a few photos of the Samsung Galaxy Flip4 on Twitter. The tweet was later deleted via copyright. But the photos still remained on the Internet.

Samsung Galaxy Flip4 appeared in live photos. The line of the display bending is no longer as noticeable as in previous models

The most interesting photo showed an open internal display, which is much less noticeable horizontal fold line in the center. It is difficult to say what changes the mechanism has undergone, because outwardly almost everything is the same as the previous smartphone, but we hope that the update will not disappoint. Of course, it’s hard to say that Flip3 was a failure. But a flatter surface of the internal display would make the experience much more enjoyable.

In everything else, the renders did not fail, the design is really repetitive. The example of the updated model shown in the photo shows the combination of gloss and matte surface, the same arrangement of cameras and control elements.

If the company’s annual plans have not changed, we will have to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Flip4 until August.