Yesterday, a video was published on the Internet in which the front part of the damaged An-225 Mriya was very brutally pulled out of the hangar in Hostomel with the help of an armored personnel carrier and a tractor. Some commentators even added that Mriya was going to be disposed of.

Yesterday the Antonov State Enterprise refuted these rumors.

“False information is being spread about the “removal of An-225 Mriya from the Kyiv-Antonov-2 airport for further disposal”.
We emphasize that Antonov closely cooperates with law enforcement and investigative bodies of Ukraine in the direction of gathering evidence of crimes committed by the Russian occupiers.
The video, which served as the basis for spreading of this inaccurate information, was filmed in a “pirated” manner and distributed without the consent of Antonov and the relevant government agencies.
Please do not share information from unverified sources.”

But after all the mistakes and wrong decisions made by Antonov recently, after aircraft losses, resigning of management, very strange proposal to restore Mriya at the expense of philanthropists… little faith in these statements. In addition, it is not clear why they had to smash the front of the destroyed plane so brutally.