Lithuanian TV presenter Andrius Tapinas is raising funds for a Bayraktar TB2 reconnaissance drone he wants to donate to Ukraine. To launch the required €5 million, he launched a crowdfunding campaign. The journalist announced this on his Facebook page.

He notes that he coordinated this action with the Ministries of Defense of Lithuania and Turkey, as well as the drone manufacturer Baykar Defense. Without this, it would be impossible to buy a strike drone.

“The Ministries of Defense of Lithuania and Turkey gave the green light, the manufacturer said “yes”. And now there is one word is in my head – Bayraktar,” Tapinas wrote, urging all those who care to join the fundraiser.

In less than a day, Lithuanians have already raised more than € 1.6 million . The speed of fundraising turned out to be remarkable – according to Andrews Tapinas, he receives about 1800 per minute.

We remind that Turkish strike and reconnaissance drones are successfully helping Ukrainians destroy enemy vehicles. In particular, with the participation of Bayraktar TB2 well-known Moskva cruiser was sunk near Zmiinyi island, and in early May two more ships were destroyed.