Kyiv Frogwares Game Studio, which recently received a grant from Epic Games, announced the development of a new game. So far, it is known by the code name “Palianytsia”. It seems that the Frogwares are purposefully mocking the Russians.

The Palianytsia project is a mystical horror that should appeal to both fans of The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes series. Despite the Ukrainian working title, judging by the art, the events of the game will take place on a mystical island (let it be Zmiinyi Island!), and the setting is similar to Lovecraft’s.

Palianytsia is not the project Frogwares planned to pursue before the war, but recent events have forced the studio to reconsider its plans. Palianytsia is more straightforward than the recent Frogwares games with an open world, but the company is confident that this is the kind of game they can create in the current extreme.

Palianytsia project, a new game from Kyiv studio Frogwares

During the war, communication between employees in different parts of Ukraine and abroad became more difficult, so Frogwares chose a project that gives developers more autonomy and independence in decision-making. In addition, some of the studio’s staff joined the Armed Forces, while others volunteered, which forced a different redistribution of responsibilities.

Frogwares promises to tell a little more about the new game later. In addition, the studio plans to tell a little about how they live and work during the war.

P.S. It would be cool if Palianytsia remained the official name of the new game. What do you say, Frogwares?