After the bold experiments conducted by the Germans with models BMW X7 and BMW 7 series, car fans around the world are waiting with fear caution for the update of the “icon” of the Bavarians – BMW 3-Series G20 cars. However, you can breathe out: everything turned out well. Even better than just well!

First of all, the general outline of the car has not changed: we have a classic sedan (or station wagon), traditional proportions, a large “powerful” hood. Only the details have changed. For example, new bumpers and headlights have appeared, the shape of the characteristic “nostrils” has been updated. New M-packages have also been added, and even the base kit now gets 17-inch wheels.

However, changes in the interior are more radical. First of all, a notable pair of displays that are connected under a common glass: the instrument panel (diagonal 12.3 inches) and the central touch monitor (14.9 inches). Also, the climate control unit has disappeared, the number of physical buttons has decreased. From now on all operations will have to be performed through the electronics of the touch screen.

In addition, the center console has been updated: pay attention to the control unit and the joystick of the 8-speed “automatic”, reminiscent of an electric car selector. By the way, from now on all versions of the BMW 3-Series will receive 8-speed. Automatic transmission in the base configuration is the same, changes in the interior follow the development of technology.

Along with the traditional BMW 3-Series G20 sedan, the station wagon has also been updated. Which, characteristically, appeared before us in branded photos in version “330e”: it is a hybrid with the ability to recharge.

An interesting detail that should be noted: because the BMW 3-Series offers two versions of such hybrids (“320e” with 204 hp and “330e” with 292 hp), and from now on they can be composed with full wire xDrive for the first time in the history of the BMW 3 Series. Of course, there are still traditional engines: gasoline or diesel, four or six cylinders, and, finally, the power range of 150-374 hp.

The opportunity to order updated cars in Europe opens right now, the first ready-made versions of the car will arrive at dealers in the summer.