This is reported by 24 channel citing its own sources in intelligence. This is an auxiliary vessel for the logistics of project 23120 – “Vsevolod Bobrov” or “Elbrus”.

The ship was reportedly heading for Zmiinyi Island when a fire broke out on board for some unknown reason. The Ukrainian military does not confirm the hit of the ship with any weapon. According to 24 channel sources, on the night of May 12, an operation to rescue the crew continued, and then the damaged ship tried to reach Sevastopol, which it succeeded in doing. It is unknown at this time how long the ship will be out of order.

If the unknown vessel of the project 23120 is Vsevolod Bobrov, it is one of the newest ships of the Russian Navy, which was put into operation only in August 2021. It is a multifunctional vessel designed for cargo transportation, towing, hydrographic research and assistance to ships that got into trouble.

Russia might have lost another ship near Zmiinyi Island

The ship is equipped with two electro-hydraulic cranes with a capacity of 50 tons, tugger winches with a traction force of 120 and 25 tons, there is a cargo deck with an area of ​​over 700 square meters and a diving complex with a pressure chamber. So it is possible that Vsevolod Bobrov, if it was really this ship, was going to site of sinking of Moskva cruiser to help the rescue tug Professor Nikolai Muru.

In general, if the damage to Project 23120 is confirmed, it will be the sixth ship to be damaged or destroyed near Zmiinyi Island in May: 4 high-speed patrol boats of project 03160 Raptor, landing craft of project 11770 Serna and now the logistics vessel of project 23120. At this rate, the Russians in the Black Sea will soon have no fleet.

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