The list of new weaponry supplies to Ukraine, which was just announced by US President Joe Biden, there is one very interesting position – Phoenix Ghost tactical drones. The Armed Forces will receive 121 such UAVs, but even leading military experts do not know what it is.

The fact is that these UAVs were developed by the US Air Force in response to the requirements of the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian front, and developed extremely fast. The drone manufacturer is AEVEX Aerospace , but you won’t find anything about Phoenix Ghost or anything about combat drones on its website. AEVEX is engaged in aerial reconnaissance, geodata, cartography and more. AEVEX declined to comment on Pentagon information.

But Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confidently stated that the Phoenix Ghost is a drone similar in functionality to Switchblades kamikaze drones from AeroVironment, and will be able to destroy both manpower and Russian tanks. It is known that in order to master the use of Phoenix Ghost drones requires only minimal training.

At present, there is no information about the specifications of Phoenix Ghost drones, the time it took to develop and manufacture them, or even where their name (Ghost of Kyiv?) came from.

The first military equipment from the new batch will start arriving in Ukraine this weekend. It is unknown at this time if the new drones are included.