Postage stamps «Russian warship, go …!», put into circulation less than a week ago, are in high demand in Ukraine and abroad, especially after the destruction of the Moskva missile cruiser depicted on the stamp.

In Ukraine, the queues for stamps reach hundreds of people, and right now in Kyiv at the Main Post Office they are no longer for sale. The next arrival is expected only on Monday, April 18, but this is not certain.

The situation abroad is even more dramatic: on eBay the cost of stamps, or more precisely, small sheets of 6 stamps reach already $1000.Meanwhile, in Kyiv you have to pay 23 and 48 UAH for one, which means a small sheet consisting of 6 F stamps costs 138 UAH, and 6 W stamps – 288 UAH. And if you have not bought a stamp for $ 1,000 yet, for $228,28 small sheets are bought like hotcakes. For example, one of the sellers has already sold 844 sheets for this price, ie worth more than $240,000!

The envelopes on the first day, especially with the signatures of Ukrposhta CEO Ihor Smilianskyi and the author of the legendary phrase, the defender of Zmiinyi Island, marine Roman Hrybov, are even more expensive – $1975, $1825 and $1700 and auctions for these lots are not over.

A lot of Ukrainians appeal to Ukrposhta to issue an additional circulation of stamps so that everyone can buy them for memory, as an artifact of the era. Though, it’s impossible. If Ukrposhta does it, it will undermine the collector’s value of the stamp and violate many rules of the philatelic market, which can lead to very severe sanctions. It is unlikely that the management of Ukrposhta will do that. In addition, Ukrposhta itself earns little by selling stamps. It is obliged to sell them at face value and has no right to speculate on brands on the secondary market.

So all we can advise you is to look for the stamps “Russian warship, go…!” at your post offices and hurry.