Information about the arrival of additional Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAVs in Ukraine, as well as the use of another type of UAV from Baykar – Bayraktar Mini – has arrived on the Internet. What is it and why do you need such UAVs?
Let’s start with the fact that Bayraktar Mini is not the younger, but older brother Bayraktar TB2. In fact, these UAVs became the first drones of Baykar Makina. Development of the Bayraktar Mini began in the early 2000s, the first flight took place in October 2005, and the Turkish army adopted the drone in 2007.

Bayraktar Mini, the younger brother of Bayraktar TB2

Further. The Bayraktar Mini is not a strike, but a small-class reconnaissance drone that is hand-launched and serves as an eye for company or battalion-level units. That is, the Mini has no armament, it’s just a scout, adjuster and observer. On the other hand, Bayraktar TB2 is also primarily used to monitor and adjust artillery fire .

The main features of Bayraktar Mini – hand launch; automatic point navigation; secure digital communication; return home and automatic parachute landing in case of loss of communication; smart battery management system; estimating the coordinates of the target with an accuracy of 10 meters; automatic antenna tracking system.

Bayraktar Mini, the younger brother of Bayraktar TB2

The latest version of the Bayraktar MINI D UAV was introduced only in March 2021, has 2 times the range and 3 times the maximum height compared to its previous versions. In addition, this version has an updated high-resolution camera with 10x optical and 32x digital zoom.

Baykar has produced more than 500 units of the Bayraktar Mini, and it is unknown how many of them have been shipped to Ukraine.

Bayraktar Mini, the younger brother of Bayraktar TB2

Bayraktar Mini B Specifications
Length -1.2 m
Wingspan – 1.9 meters (2.5 meters option)
Weight – 4.5 kg
Power source – Electric / Battery
Take Off – hand launch
Landing – Belly Landing / Parachute Landing
Communication range – 15 km (30 km for version D)
Endurance – & gt; 60 minutes (120 minutes for version D)
Operational altitude -1000 m
Maximum altitude – 3600 m
Cruising speed – 55 km / h
Payload – CCD camera (2 axis movement), thermal camera (2 axis movement)
Structure – complete
Operating Crew – 2 people

P.S. As for Bayraktar TB2, according to unverified information, there were 34 UAVs of this type in the Ukrainian army after additional deliveries in March. Only 3 UAVs were destroyed.That is, 31 Bayraktar TB2 are still in service and help destroy rascists.