Our Armed Forces really like (and the russian tankers really dislike) American anti-tank guided weapons FGM-148 Javelin and British MBT LAW / NLAW. But which of these anti-tank systems is better? This question is asked not only by our readers in the comments, but by many. We have repeatedly said that each of the ATGWs has its own scenario of use and value, but who can better than others talk about weapons, other than the military, who use them in practice against the rascists. So, let’s hear what the member of 128th Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade Anatolii, who had a chance to use both ATGWs, has to say about NLAW or Javelin.

NLAW or Javelin, which one's better?

“I am often asked which ATGW is the best – NLAW or Javelin. I will say from experience that it is best to use them in tandem. NLAW is excellent at close range – from 20 to 600 meters, so it is indispensable when combat actions take place in urban areas (cities and villages). And Javelin is best at a range of 1-2.5 kilometers, i.e. in the open field.

Both ATGWs are very effective. If properly aimed, they will hit the target 100 percent and destroy it. There is no such thing as a missile not piercing armor or anything. And all these lattices welded on Russian tanks, infantry fighting vehicles or armored personnel carriers are completely useless against them.

NLAW or Javelin, which one’s better?

The Russians have already learnt this well, and where our NLAW and Javelin work, they aren’t showing their equipment. They know that if we fire, the missile will destroy the target and the entire landing crew will die in a second. In a nutshell, they are scared.

We only use NLAW and Javelin against heavy armored vehicles. We shoot trucks and other light targets from Ukrainian Corsar ATGWs. By the way, they are also effective against tanks and have proven themselves very well.

NLAW or Javelin, which one’s better?

Recently, our mobile anti-tank group destroyed two Russian armored personnel carriers from Corsar and forced the BRDM (combat reconnaissance patrol vehicle) to leave the caponiere (special ground fortification). The operator ricocheted the BRDM from a Corsar, which caught fire and left the shelter, after which our tank destroyed it by direct fire in 10 seconds.”

Well, we wish Anatolii, the 128th brigade and other units of the Armed Forces and Territorial Defense, successful shots and inspiration to destroy the enemy who came to our land. Glory to the Ukrainian soldiers!