Windows 10

End of Windows 10 support could send 240 million PCs to landfills

Microsoft’s plan to discontinue support for the Windows 10 operating system could result in about 240 million PCs being scrapped. Canalys Research warns about this, writes Reuters. This will potentially increase the amount of waste in landfills. Experts estimate that e-waste from these PCs can weigh approximately 480 million kg, ... Read more

Windows 10 will get three years of security updates if you’re willing to pay for them

Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will receive an additional three years of security updates after support ends on October 14, 2025, but for a fee. This will be possible as part of the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program, which is already offered for Windows 7 and provides monthly security ... Read more

It’s too early to write off Windows 10, the operating system will get support for Copilot AI

Microsoft is still adding new features to Windows 10, announcing the integration of Copilot, an artificial intelligence assistant that was previously exclusive to Windows 11, ArsTechnica reports. The move is aimed at bringing Copilot to a wider audience, as Windows 10 remains the most used version of Windows worldwide. The ... Read more

Microsoft urged to extend support for Windows 10 beyond 2025

Microsoft is urged to continue to support Windows 10 and provide security updates for this OS beyond 2025. The petition was prepared by the Canadian-American organization PIRG (Public Interest Research Group), writes Express. Representatives of the group argue that discontinuing support for this operating system will lead to massive e-waste, ... Read more

No more Windows 10 updates: there will be no new versions of the operating system

Microsoft has no plans to release new versions of Windows 10. 22H2 is the last version before the end of support for the operating system on October 14, 2025, writes Windows Central with a link to the company. So you shouldn’t expect Windows 10 version 23H2 to be released this ... Read more

Microsoft stops selling licenses for Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that it will stop selling download versions of Windows 10 Home and Pro as of January 31. Information about this appeared on official pages for purchasing these OSes. The company also promises that it will support Windows 10 Home and Pro and provide them with security updates ... Read more

How to return File Explorer from Windows 10 to Windows 11

Not everyone likes the new File Explorer design in Windows 11 — and even the tab system that was introduced in Moment 1 update did not make them change their attitude towards the new File Explorer. They say, “before was better”. Well, there is good news for such users: turns ... Read more

Why gamers switch to Windows 11 more slowly than to Windows 10

Soon after the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has published figures on how the system is perceived by Windows 7 and Windows users 8. As for Windows 11 no such information was received. However the research by Steam Hardware & Software allows you to compare data on how the users ... Read more

The growing popularity of Windows 11 has stopped: most users have previous versions

Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system has been growing rapidly for several months. However, now its growth has begun to slow down. Latest report from AdDuplex as of March 2022 shows that since the end of February, the number of Windows 11 users remains almost permanent. Accordingly, the share of Windows ... Read more