USB Type-C

Microsoft tests higher USB speeds in Windows 11

Microsoft has begun testing increased USB transfer speeds in Windows 11 using the USB4 version 2.0 specification. This update, available in the Windows 11 Insider build, aims to significantly increase data transfer speeds up to 80 Gbps over USB Type-C cables, up from 40 Gbps. The USB4 version 2.0 standard, ... Read more

Apple did not plan to switch the iPhone to the USB-C port, the company wanted to create a smartphone without connectors at all

Apple planned to use its own Lightning connector for the iPhone until it could completely abandon ports, says insider Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. However, due to the decision of the European Union, which requires mobile device manufacturers to switch to the USB-C standard by the end of next year, Apple ... Read more

The EU decided on a deadline when new iPhones (and not only) should switch to USB Type-C for wired charging

The EU has officially decided on the date by which new iPhones, as well as other smartphones, tablets, headphones and small electronics should switch to the USB Type-C wired charging standard. This should happen by 28 December 2024, as the new legislation today was published in the Official Journal of ... Read more

iPhone will finally get rid of Lightning: the EU passed the law on the transition to USB Type-C by the end of 2024

As expected, the European Parliament overwhelmingly voted today to adopt USB Type-C as a common charging port for a wide range of consumer electronic devices, including iPhones and AirPods, by the end of 2024. The press release of the European Parliament regarding the law on the transition to USB Type-C ... Read more

USB Type-C will be the standard port for charging in the EU. It is already being tested for the iPhone

The EU has agreed legislation to use USB Type-C in future smartphones, tablets, cameras and other electronic devices to reduce e-waste. This decision was made in accordance with the requirements of The European Commission, which will legalize a single charger by the end of this year, according to Bloomberg.  At ... Read more

USB Type-C is one step closer to becoming universal charger in Europe

European lawmakers adopted their position in favor of port standardization for chargers. They want to make the USB Type-C port a standard – including for smartphones, tablets, portable game consoles, e-books, digital cameras, electronic toys and more. This decision was made by the European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market ... Read more