European lawmakers adopted their position in favor of port standardization for chargers. They want to make the USB Type-C port a standard – including for smartphones, tablets, portable game consoles, e-books, digital cameras, electronic toys and more.

This decision was made by the European Parliament’s Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO). MEPs are also voting to add laptops to the original list.

The Committee is prepared to make exceptions on the devices that are too small for this type of port. For example, smart watches, fitness trackers and certain sports equipment. However, the offer will still apply to larger devices in these categories.

MEPs also voted in favor of presenting a strategy in response to the growing use of wireless chargers that will allow for the minimum compatibility of any charging solutions by the end of 2026. Otherwise, wireless chargers will help manufacturers bypass the rules for standard ports.

“The goal is to avoid a new fragmentation in the market, to continue to reduce environmental waste, ensure consumer convenience and avoid so-called “lock-in” effects created by proprietary charging solutions,” says the press-release.  

Environmental friendliness of such a decision becomes the main argument in its favor. For years, lawmakers have insisted on passing a law on e-waste. However, the commission decided to use an industry-specific approach to obtain a single charger voluntarily.

Half a billion chargers are delivered to Europe every year, which later generate between 11,000 and 13,000 tons of garbage. One charger for smartphones and other small electronics will help reduce waste and reduce unnecessary costs – both for business and users.

MEPs also want to see clear information about charging options and the availability of a charger on the packaging of new gadgets. This will help consumers make more sustainable decisions and reduce e-waste.