The EU has agreed legislation to use USB Type-C in future smartphones, tablets, cameras and other electronic devices to reduce e-waste. This decision was made in accordance with the requirements of The European Commission, which will legalize a single charger by the end of this year, according to Bloomberg

At first, the new rules angered Apple. The company said they reduce innovation. But the company is currently testing future iPhone models that replace the current Lightning charging port with the more prevalent USB-C connector. Current Apple laptop models already use the USB-C charger.

New EU rules force all manufacturers, including Apple, to introduce a USB Type-C charging port for smartphones, tablets, e-books, digital cameras, headphones, game consoles, and more. In total, the list includes 15 types of gadgets.

The European Commission has estimated that this will save users around 250 million a year. Manufacturers of smartphones and tablets must meet the requirement by the fall of 2024. Manufacturers of laptops will have more time. They must move to a new charging port 40 months after the new rules take effect.

In the future, the commission will also be able to decide on wireless charging standards.