Unmanned Surface Vessels

Ukrainian naval drones hit two Russian Vasiliy Bykov-class ships

The official Facebook account of the StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported an attack by Ukrainian naval drones on two Russian Vasiliy Bykov-class ships in the southwestern part of the Black Sea. Later, the video of the attack was posted on his own account by the Minister of ... Read more

Maritime drones are a unique SSU development

The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Major General Vasyl Malyuk, revealed the details of the SSU’s high-profile special operations over the past month. The general confirmed what many had already guessed: the naval surface drones that successfully attacked the Crimean bridge, as well as the Russian landing ship ... Read more

Naval strike drones: from ancient brigands to modern times

Recently, our colleagues from Defense Express published an interesting article about the predecessor of modern maritime strike drones, the remotely operated Fernlenkboot, which was developed and tested by the German Imperial Navy during World War I. Without detracting from the achievements of the German arms manufacturers, for this was indeed ... Read more

Mysterious Unmanned Coastal Defense Vessels from the United States: an anti-nuclear umbrella for Ukraine?

Among the list of heavy weapons worth $800 million that the United States plans to transfer to Ukraine, there is one very unusual position – Unmanned Coastal Defense Vessels. What could it be? Unmanned coastal vessel is a category of ships that have existed since the end of the XIX ... Read more