The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine, Major General Vasyl Malyuk, revealed the details of the SSU’s high-profile special operations over the past month.

The general confirmed what many had already guessed: the naval surface drones that successfully attacked the Crimean bridge, as well as the Russian landing ship Olenegorskiy Gornyak and the SIG tanker, are the SSU’s own technical development.

Maritime drones are a unique SSU development

“Sea surface drones are a unique invention of the Security Service of Ukraine. None of the private companies are involved. Using these drones we have conducted successful hits of the Crimean bridge in July 2023, the landing ship Olengorskiy gornyak and the SIG oil tanker,’ the SSU Head Vasyl Maliuk stated.

He added that the SBU team, supported by civilian engineers and IT specialists, is working on the development and production of these drones.

“Our drones are manufactured at an underground facility in Ukraine. We are working on a number of new interesting operations, including in the Black Sea waters. I promise you, it’ll be exciting, especially for our enemies,’ Vasyl Maliuk underscored.

Speaking about the special operations, the head of the SSU noted that the Security Service was the author of the relevant operational plans and their further successful implementation together with the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We take a balanced approach to every special operation at sea. We ‘measure twice and cut once’ – and then sting the enemy’s heart,’ the SSU Head remarks.

The head of the SSU added that the maritime drones that damaged the Crimean bridge in July 2023 were named “SeaBaby” on the initiative of the personnel. They are equipped with a warhead of 850 kg.

Two separate surface drones were used to strike the Olenegorskiy Gornyak landing ship and the SIG tanker, each carrying a 450-kilogram warhead.

Maritime drones are a unique SSU development

Vasyl Malyuk emphasized that all targets hit by the SSU are completely legal under Ukrainian and international law. He also noted that Western partners are not involved in these special operations, but are actively using the unique experience of the SSU.

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