Tensions between the US and China will slow down the chip industry – TSMC founder

Rising tensions between the US and China over technology will slow down the development of the semiconductor industry in the world. This opinion was expressed by the founder of the Taiwanese company TSMC Morris Zhang, writes Reuters. He believes that the separation of the Chinese chip industry from the rest ... Read more

NVIDIA says new restrictions on chip exports to China are already in effect

New US restrictions on the export of advanced chips used in the field of artificial intelligence to China have come into effect earlier than planned. This was reported by the American manufacturer NVIDIA, writes Reuters. According to the company, the restrictions came into effect on Monday due to the postponement ... Read more

The US is going to restrict the export of more NVIDIA chips to China

The US Department of Commerce plans to ban the export of advanced chips used in artificial intelligence to China in the coming weeks, reports CNBC. In particular, it concerns the products of the American manufacturer NVIDIA. Earlier, the United States imposed restrictions on the export of its H100 chips to ... Read more

TSMC may face stiffer competition in the semiconductor industry

TSMC may face stiffer competition in the semiconductor industry. This was stated by the founder of the Taiwanese manufacturer Morris Zhang, writes Nikkei Asia. He explained his opinion by saying that TSMC’s competitors are taking advantage of governments around the world’s desire to increase their own chip production capacity for ... Read more

The US has decided how to prevent China from benefiting from US chip subsidies

The U.S. Department of Commerce has promulgated rules that will prevent the use of subsidies for the production of semiconductors by China and other countries that are considered to pose a threat to U.S. national security, writes Reuters. We are talking about a $39 billion subsidy program. These funds are ... Read more

India has produced more than 2 billion mobile phones and has plans for the semiconductor industry

As part of the “Made in India” initiative, the country’s total production of mobile phones in 2014-2022 crossed the 2 billion mark. This is stated in the report Counterpoint Technology. The estimates also show an average annual growth rate of 23%. It was driven by strong domestic demand, increased digital ... Read more

China’s tech sector is really suffering from US chip sales sanctions

Despite all the bravado rhetoric, China’s tech sector is actually feeling the impact of export restrictions imposed by the US last year, writes The Wall Street Journal. They were aimed at curbing Beijing’s progress in areas such as artificial intelligence (AI) and supercomputer technology. Sanctions are starting to have a ... Read more

Intel will invest $25 billion in the construction of an additional factory in Israel

Intel will spend $25 billion to build a new semiconductor factory in Israel. Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu announced this, calling it the largest international investment in the country, writes Reuters. The new Intel factory in Kiryat Gat is due to open in 2027, operate until at least 2035 ... Read more

France is investing €2.9 billion in the construction of a STMicroelectronics microchip factory

The French government is investing €2.9 billion (about $3.1 billion) in the construction of a microchip factory by STMicroelectronics and GlobalFoundries. This is reported by France24. Both the US and the EU, as part of countering China’s global dominance of the microelectronics market, protecting supply chains and their own manufacturers, ... Read more

The battle for chips between Washington and Beijing could hurt American technology – NVIDIA

The U.S. tech industry risks being hit hard by an escalating chip battle between Washington and Beijing. This is the opinion in the interview with Financial Times that was expressed by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang. He said US export controls had left a group of Silicon Valley companies “with our ... Read more

EU Chips Act – 43 billion euros for the development of the semiconductor industry in Europe

The European Union, following the example of the United States, will implement a 43 billion euros ($47 billion) financial support plan that will encourage the development of the semiconductor industry in Europe and reduce the dependence of European manufacturers on China and the United States. This is reported by Reuters. ... Read more

The US is covertly reducing exports of chip-making equipment to China

Washington is increasingly restraining Beijing’s economic ambitions in the chip market. To do this, the US is restricting China’s access to chip-making equipment, reports Bloomberg with reference to two major manufacturers. Previously, Washington banned the sale without a license of equipment that can be used to produce chips of 10 ... Read more

Sony and Nintendo consoles will be in short supply at least until the end of the year

Japanese manufacturers Sony and Nintendo have announced that their game consoles are likely to be limited again this year. The situation is due to a lack of components – it exacerbates the problem that has affected both companies. “There’s no end in sight to the semiconductor shortage at this point,” ... Read more

Taiwan will dominate the chip production market in the near future

Taiwan is a leader in the world semiconductor production market, controlling 46% of the foundry market and 61% of the world capacity of 16 nm transistors and less. This is reported by the company TrendForce. In 2021 Taiwan received 26% of world income from semiconductors production and 64% of income ... Read more