The US Department of Commerce plans to ban the export of advanced chips used in artificial intelligence to China in the coming weeks, reports CNBC.

In particular, it concerns the products of the American manufacturer NVIDIA. Earlier, the United States imposed restrictions on the export of its H100 chips to China. Now the country is preparing to stop supplying H800 and A800 chips. However, the restrictions may also affect products from other manufacturers, such as Intel and AMD.

The purpose of the U.S. measures is to prevent China from gaining access to more advanced chips that could lead to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, especially in military applications.

Back in the summer, it became known that Joe Biden’s administration was going to strengthen export controls and restrict the sale of certain artificial intelligence chips to China. At the time, it was reported that the US would revise export controls to make it more difficult to sell some chips to China without a license.

It is also known that in the summer, China imposed restrictions on the export of two metals used to produce semiconductors and other electronics. This is likely to increase costs for equipment manufacturers and worsen geopolitical tensions over the race to develop advanced computer technologies.