Samsung Electronics

Court acquits Samsung Electronics CEO Lee Jae-yong in fraud case

Lee Jae-young, the acting chairman of Samsung Electronics Co. was acquitted in a fraud case, reports Bloomberg. A court in Seoul has cleared the top executive of charges related to stock price manipulation and accounting fraud. This will allow the billionaire to continue to lead the conglomerate, which is threatened ... Read more

Samsung competes with Apple and wants to create a non-invasive blood sugar sensor

Samsung Electronics Co. is exploring the possibility of developing non-invasive blood sugar monitoring and continuous blood pressure monitoring, writes Bloomberg. The project is led by Samsung’s digital health team leader Hong Park. According to him, this work is part of the company’s broader efforts to introduce health monitoring functions into ... Read more

Google agrees to pay $8 billion to be the default search engine on Samsung devices

Google has agreed to pay Samsung Electronics $8 billion over four years to allow its search engine, voice assistant, and app store to be used by default on the company’s mobile devices. This became known during a lawsuit between Epic Games and Google, writes Bloomberg. Epic Games’ lawyer presented the ... Read more

Samsung Electronics will present an updated line of monitors at CES 2023

The CES 2023 exhibition has not yet started its work (its opening will take place on January 5), but companies are already announcing the products they are going to demonstrate at it. Samsung Electronics already told what exactly they were going to bring to the exhibition. In particular, the company ... Read more