Samsung Electronics Co. is exploring the possibility of developing non-invasive blood sugar monitoring and continuous blood pressure monitoring, writes Bloomberg.

The project is led by Samsung’s digital health team leader Hong Park. According to him, this work is part of the company’s broader efforts to introduce health monitoring functions into a number of devices.

Samsung aims to ultimately provide consumers with a complete picture of their well-being by using sensors on different parts of the body and throughout the home.

Health tracking is already a key element of smartphone and watch sales, and Samsung, Apple, and Google use these features to attract and retain customers.

In this context, the development of sensors for continuous blood pressure and glucose monitoring would be a particularly valuable breakthrough.

Apple has been working on a non-invasive approach since about 2010. However, the product is still many years away.

“If we can do continuous blood pressure and glucose, we’re in a whole different ballgame,” said Hon Pak. “I think that’s where everyone is trying to get to. We’re putting significant investment toward that.”

He did not comment on the timeframe for both functions. However, he hopes that non-invasive blood level monitoring could be on the market in one form or another within five years.

Samsung has recently announced the Galaxy Ring for health monitoring. This upcoming smart health tracker designed to be worn on the finger promises health tracking capabilities based on artificial intelligence technologies.