Ryzen 8000G

AMD Ryzen 8000G: processors for gaming without a video card?

AMD Ryzen 8000G processors became one of the technological highlights of this year’s CES in the desktop PC components segment. The new hybrid chips for the Socket AM5 platform combine the developer’s most advanced technological solutions – Zen 4 processor architecture, RDNA 3 graphics, and XDNA-based Ryzen AI hardware AI ... Read more

AMD Ryzen 8000G: preliminary lineup and graphics performance

As the announcement of Ryzen 8000G hybrid chips for the Socket AM5 desktop platform approaches, more and more leaks about the upcoming series of AMD APUs are coming. This time, the Persian trading platform Sakhtafzarmag became the source of preliminary information with technical specifications. The future APUs will be based ... Read more

GIGABYTE reveals AMD Ryzen 8000G processors availability dates

Motherboard manufacturers are actively preparing for the release of Ryzen 8000G desktop processors. AMD has preliminarily sent out AGESA microcode to prepare updated BIOS versions supporting the expected APUs. So far, the official launch dates for the new processors for the Socket AM5 platform have not been made public, ... Read more

AMD prepares to release Ryzen 8000G series desktop APUs

AMD plans to update its range of desktop processors by offering a new line of hybrid chips with quite powerful integrated graphics. Future APUs will belong to the Ryzen 8000G line. 【NDA ㊙】AMD 最近更新了 AGESA Combo AM5 PI Firmware,增加了 AM5 APU處理器的支援性。據台灣主機板商向 HKEPC 透露,AMD 已提供 ES 樣品進行測試,並收到消息很大可能命名為 Ryzen 8000G 系列,目前已知有 ... Read more