Motherboard manufacturers are actively preparing for the release of Ryzen 8000G desktop processors. AMD has preliminarily sent out AGESA microcode to prepare updated BIOS versions supporting the expected APUs. So far, the official launch dates for the new processors for the Socket AM5 platform have not been made public, but some manufacturers are already openly guiding the timing of the Ryzen 8000G.

GIGABYTE reveals AMD Ryzen 8000G processors availability dates

Thus, in its official press release, GIGABYTE has already announced the availability of beta firmware versions with AGESA microcode, which adds support for future APU. The most impatient can already upgrade, but there is no particular need for this yet – the corresponding processors have not yet been presented. However, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s announcement contains an unambiguous hint about the availability dates: future APU are expected to appear by the end of January next year. It is likely that the official announcement of processors with sufficiently powerful integrated graphics will take place earlier. For example, during CES 2024 (January 9-12, 2024). And by the end of January, new desktop APU will go on sale.

As a reminder, the upcoming Ryzen 8000G lineup will initially include four models based on both Zen 4 architecture and Zen4+Zen4c combination with more compact computing cores. The new APU will also feature integrated Radeon 7x0M graphics based on RDNA3.