ChatGPT will not be able to replace programmers, and their dismissal will lead to disaster

Software engineers have joined the ranks of editors, translators, and other professionals who fear that they will be replaced by ChatGPT. However, it is software engineers who should not worry about this, writes WIRED. The publication reminded us of the story of when the FORTRAN programming language appeared. It was ... Read more

Stability AI launches StableCode neural network that can write code

Stability AI has announced a new product called StableCode. It is an LLM-based neural network capable of generating code. This is stated in the company’s message. This product is designed to help programmers in their daily work and is also a great learning tool for new developers who want to ... Read more

Due to AI, the majority of outsourced programmers will soon disappear in India, says the CEO of Stability AI

Most of the outsourced programmers in India will lose their jobs in the next year or two. This was stated by the CEO of Stability AI Emad Mostaque, writes CNBC. In a conversation with UBS analysts, he explained his opinion with the consequences of the emergence of artificial intelligence, because ... Read more

The emergence of AI will increase the productivity of experienced programmers, – WSJ

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) can make experienced programmers more productive. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal. Data from Revelio Labs, a workforce analytics company, shows that companies are predominantly laying off their youngest workers, and that software engineers will make up the largest share of tech ... Read more

India, with 5 million programmers, could be the most affected by technologies like ChatGPT

India, home to more than 5 million programmers, could be hit hardest if the technology behind ChatGPT cuts jobs in the industry, writes Bloomberg. Traditionally, India’s outsourcing firms were so hungry for talent that they didn’t even mind if an engineer’s background was in chemicals or mining. Training people through ... Read more

Google launches Carbon, an experimental replacement for the C++ programming language

Frustrated with the slow evolution of C++, Google engineers launched a new “experimental” open source programming language called Carbon a possible successor to the important but outdated C++. Just as Microsoft created Typescript to update JavaScript, and Kotlin was created to address Java’s shortcomings, Carbon can be the successor to ... Read more

AI-assistant GitHub Copilot becomes available to all developers. Some will get it for free

GitHub Copilot is an artificial intelligence assistant that offers code in the editor and has become publicly available to all developers. The price for use is $10 per month or $100 per year. Verified students and developers of popular open source projects will be able to work with it for ... Read more

How to teach your child programming: 10 game services

When children do not let go of a smartphone or tablet, adults always complain about this situation. However, gadgets and mobile games can be used for learning that is more interesting than the exercises in the textbook. For example, suggest to children several sites where you can play and learn ... Read more

How to learn programming: 15 online services

To start a career in IT, you have to take expensive courses, live in a megacity, and be a math genius. These prejudices get in the way of almost everyone who thinks about learning how to program. However, dozens, if not hundreds, of online services prove that you can acquire ... Read more