The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) can make experienced programmers more productive. This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Data from Revelio Labs, a workforce analytics company, shows that companies are predominantly laying off their youngest workers, and that software engineers will make up the largest share of tech layoffs in 2023. Meanwhile, the few remaining jobs are being filled by experienced software engineers who are still in demand.

At the same time, companies that have frozen hiring will wait longer to start hiring again. And startups looking to survive the current slowdown in venture capital investment will choose not to move forward with current hiring plans.

“If I were an investor, and my companies were thinking about hiring hundreds of engineers, I’d say, well, maybe instead you can use AI to be more productive instead,” said Stack Overflow CEO Prashant Chandrasekhar.

A recent survey of about 90,000 programmers conducted by Stack Overflow in May showed that 70% already use or plan to use artificial intelligence tools in their work. Of these, a third of programmers said that the main reason for using such tools is that the technology makes them more productive.

We will remind, according to the results of the research company Valoir, artificial intelligence has the potential to automate 40% of an average working day.