Off The Grid

Cyberpunk Kyiv in the gameplay trailer of Off The Grid

We don’t know how it happened, but for some reason we missed the 16-minute gameplay trailer of the battle royale game Off The Grid, which is being developed by the Ukrainian-German studio Gunzilla Games. We’re getting it right, especially since the trailer features locations that are familiar to Ukrainians. The ... Read more

Off The Grid: the first gameplay trailer of the game from Ukrainian-German studio Gunzilla Games

The first gameplay trailer of the ambitious battle royale 2.0 Off The Grid by Ukrainian-German studio Gunzilla Games has been released. The game, which is being developed by about 200 developers in Kyiv and Frankfurt am Main, was announced in May 2022 as a new take on the Battle Royale ... Read more

Off The Grid: a new video from the AAA shooter from the Ukrainian-German company Gunzilla Games

Studio Gunzilla Games, which has offices in Germany (Frankfurt am Main) and Ukraine (Kyiv), presented a new video from its ambitious AAA shooter Off The Grid. This is a rather long pre-rendered cutscene directed by the legendary Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, Chappie). As a reminder, Off The Grid is ... Read more

Off The Grid – Cyberpunk Royal Battle 2.0 by Ukrainian developers and director Neill Blomkamp

Gunzilla Games, which has studios in Frankfurt, Los Angeles and Kyiv (the developers are in Germany and Ukraine), and in which many people from Crytech, 4A Games, Frogwares and other Ukrainian companies work, announced a new game with a third-person view in the genre of Battle Royale – Off The ... Read more