Notion now offers a separate calendar app

Notion, a popular note-taking and project management platform, now offers a separate calendar app – Notion Calendar. It was created on the basis of another calendar app, Cron, which Notion acquired in 2022. The new Notion Calendar is already available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and will soon be available for ... Read more

Notion launches a useful AI feature that is a mix of a search engine and a chatbot

Notion is launching an artificial intelligence feature called Q&A. It will cost $8-10 per month for one user, writes The Verge. Notion CEO Ivan Zhao describes it as an omniscient executive assistant with artificial intelligence that knows everything about everything and can find the answer in a second or two. ... Read more

Notion will receive artificial intelligence for automatic text writing

Notion, which in recent years has grown into a universal application for creating, organizing and, if necessary, sharing almost any user information is going to take the next step. As the developers announced, they are launching a new Notion AI feature that will use artificial intelligence to automatically generate text. ... Read more