Notion is launching an artificial intelligence feature called Q&A. It will cost $8-10 per month for one user, writes The Verge.

Notion CEO Ivan Zhao describes it as an omniscient executive assistant with artificial intelligence that knows everything about everything and can find the answer in a second or two.


Notion’s Q&A has a lot in common with other tools, such as Microsoft’s Copilot and Google’s Duet AI. However, in the case of Notion, the new tool is more of a mix of a search engine and a chatbot. One of its features is that it can answer vague questions.

The feature will provide answers using information from the user’s materials in the service. Notion is thinking about how to connect to more data, but admits that it is not an easy process.

Notion was once a universal application for creating, organizing, and, if necessary, distributing almost any user information. Last year, its developers announced the launch of Notion AI, a feature for automatic text creation using AI.