Notion, which in recent years has grown into a universal application for creating, organizing and, if necessary, sharing almost any user information is going to take the next step. As the developers announced, they are launching a new Notion AI feature that will use artificial intelligence to automatically generate text.

All the user has to do is tell Notion AI what type of entry you want to make, such as a blog post, an email or a note about fantasy movies, and the app will automatically generate text on the given topic.

Notion CEO Ivan Zhao told The Verge that writing takes a lot of work, some of it repetitive (like creating new job descriptions) and some creative (like writing blog posts or brainstorming new ideas).

Zhao believes that Notion AI can help in both cases: “For many users in this space, it solves the cold start problem. And even more than that, it saves time.” Notion AI won’t write you a blog post, but it can help you skip the first draft phase and go straight to improving and polishing your text.

Notion uses the same big language models as other companies like Google. Of course, there are plenty of AI-powered writing tools out there, like Grammarly and Jasper, as well as Google’s new Wordcraft, all of which are rapidly improving with large language models. The latter give the software much more context, allowing them to understand sentences and paragraphs rather than individual words, making them better at both understanding and writing all kinds of text.

However, these are only the first steps for the technology and Notion AI is more of a realization of the concept. For now, the feature is available to users of the service only by appointment, the company plans to roll it out slowly and carefully, but wants to give more people a chance to try Notion AI now. You can follow this link to get in line to try the new feature.