Canada wants to ban the Russian multitool Flipper Zero to stop the surge in car thefts

The Canadian government is planning to ban the Flipper Zero multitool and similar devices after recognizing them as tools that thieves can use to steal cars, writes Bleeping Computer. Flipper Zero is a portable, programmable remote control cloning/testing tool that helps you experiment and debug various hardware and digital devices ... Read more

The hacker who owes Nintendo $14.5 million: What happened to Gary Bowser?

In April 2023, 54-year-old hacker Gary Bowser was released after serving 14 months of a 40-month sentence. His good behavior reduced his time behind bars, but now his options are limited, writes The Guardian. He was a Canadian who belonged to the hacker group Team Xecuter. He is known for ... Read more

Porn sites have started warning users about health risks – all because of a law in Texas

Popular porn sites in Texas have started publishing warnings that warn users about the unproven health risks associated with watching porn, writes The Verge. This step was taken by the websites of Vixen Media Group, which includes Deeper, Blacked, and Vixen. This happened after the US Court of Appeals temporarily ... Read more

French watchdog halts iPhone 12 sales due to too much radiation

Apple should stop selling the iPhone 12 in France due to above-threshold levels of radiation, according to an assistant minister of the French digital economy, writes Reuters with reference to the newspaper Le Parisien. The French national frequency agency ANFR has notified Apple of its decision to ban sales of ... Read more

Life ban and $500 thousand fine for cheaters in Destiny 2

Bungie Studio continues its crusade against cheaters and producers of cheat software for Destiny 2. This time, the culprit received the most severe ban in the history of video games and has to pay $500 thousand in damages, writes Ars Technica. The cheater, identified as Luca Leone, created additional accounts ... Read more

Police in England installed an AI camera on a highway. In the first 3 days, one camera “caught” almost 300 offending drivers

Police in England installed an AI camera on one of the main highways in Cornwall. After 72 hours, it detected almost 300 drivers who broke the law. In 5 days, this number increased to 1000, writes Business Insider. A separate camera manufactured by Acusensus, based on a mini-trailer, was deployed ... Read more

Roblox gaming platform accused of providing access to gambling for minors

According to a class action lawsuit filed by parents, the popular gaming platform Roblox acts as an illegal gambling network that preys on children< writes Bloomberg. Several parents have filed a complaint against Roblox Corp. in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California after their children lost ... Read more

Bungie wins $400,000 lawsuit against Destiny 2 player who harassed the company’s community manager

Bungie has won a lawsuit for more than $400,000 against a Destiny 2 player who harassed and threatened the company’s community manager. This sets a precedent for countering similar player behavior in the future. This was reported on Twitter by Kathryn Tewson, who participated in the process on Bungie side. ... Read more

The French player received 3 years of community service for calling the police to the Ubisoft Montreal office

The trial of the French player, who in November 2020 called a special police force to the office of Ubisoft Montreal, ended – 22-year-old Yanni Ouahioune received 3 years of community service. This is reported by Polygon referring to Montreal Gazette. Yanni Ouahioune, who was banned more than 80 times ... Read more

Hacker Gary Bowser, who hacked Nintendo consoles, was released from prison, but he will be paying a fine of $14.5 million for the rest of his life

Canadian Gary Bowser, who was serving a 40-month term for hacking Nintendo consoles, was released from prison early for good behavior, but he will pay a $14.5 million fine to Nintendo for the rest of his life, which was ordered by the court. This is written by VGC. Bowser, who ... Read more