The trial of the French player, who in November 2020 called a special police force to the office of Ubisoft Montreal, ended – 22-year-old Yanni Ouahioune received 3 years of community service. This is reported by Polygon referring to Montreal Gazette.

Yanni Ouahioune, who was banned more than 80 times (!) for cheating in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, made a fake call to the police using a Russian server. He reported a fake hostage situation, so an office building in downtown Montreal was surrounded by special forces. A complete evacuation was carried out, while some workers barricaded themselves in the offices.

As it turned out, Yanni Ouahioune called the police twice more to the Ubisoft office, and also threatened other players with the same actions. In addition, he is also guilty of a DDoS attack on French government institutions and on the developers of Minecraft studio Mojang.

Against the background of the accusations and the fact that swatting (a false call to special police forces) sometimes ends very tragically, such a verdict of the court looks frankly lenient – three years of community service and an obligation to “compensate victims and undergo treatment for a mental health problem”.

Unsurprisingly, after the announcement of the verdict, Yanni Ouahioune reached out to Ubisoft with the following offer: “I am kindly asking the Ubisoft team to ‘unban’ my account please. I have put over $1,500 in cosmetic enhancements in my profile.”