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Amazon introduced its own image generator Titan Image Generator

Amazon has introduced its own image generator based on artificial intelligence, joining the tech giants and startups that have already done so. The company presented the development during the re:Invent 2023 event in Las Vegas, writes TechCrunch. The image generator is called Titan Image Generator and is already available for ... Read more

DALL-E 3 produces much more detailed images and will be integrated into ChatGPT

OpenAI has unveiled DALL-E 3, the latest iteration of its AI-powered image synthesis model. This version boasts seamless integration with ChatGPT, allowing the model to generate images that accurately match complex descriptions. It also manages the generation of text in the image, such as labels and captions, which was a ... Read more

Google tests SynthID technology to recognize images created by AI

Google is testing an invisible watermark to identify images that have been created by artificial intelligence. This is done to combat disinformation, according to the BBC. The corresponding technology is called SynthID, and it was created by Google DeepMind. The watermark will be embedded in individual pixels of the image, ... Read more

Meta has opened up access to ImageBind, a generative AI that can mimic human perception

Meta has announced the open access of ImageBind, an artificial intelligence tool that is revolutionizing predicting connections between data, reminiscent of human perception and representation of the environment. While image generators such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2, create visual scenes based on textual descriptions, ImageBind takes a more ... Read more

Midjourney seems to be having issues with the game controllers

AI generator Midjourney learns quickly and creates almost photorealistic images, but errors in its work still happen – and sometimes quite funny. Reddit user showed the results of Midjourney’s work on with the request “female influencer relaxing playing PlayStation 5 having a blast”. And if there are almost no issues ... Read more

An image created by AI won a prestigious photography competition, but the author refused to accept the award

An image created by artificial intelligence (AI) has won the top prize in a prestigious competition, sparking a wave of controversy among photographers, reports PetaPixel. The winning work entitled The Electrician was created by German artist Boris Eldagsen and received the first prize in the Creative category at the World ... Read more

Midjourney has stopped offering free trials

Midjourney, a popular AI-powered image generator, has ended its free trial due to “extraordinary demand and trial abuse”, CEO David Holz said in a message posted on Discord, reports The Washington Post. The abuse was allegedly related to people creating fake accounts to get free images, which caused a load on ... Read more

The Pope in a down jacket: an image of Francis that was actually created by the AI generator Midjourney went viral on Twitter

Over the weekend, an image of Pope Francis in a bulky down jacket hit Twitter, and it quickly went viral as users believed it was real. In fact, the image was first posted on Reddit along with three other images in the same style and are the result of the ... Read more

AI program creates police sketches. Experts say it is biased

Two developers used OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 image generation model to create a forensics software that can generate “hyper-realistic” police sketches of a suspect based on user data. The program, called Forensic Sketch AI-rtist, was created by developers Arthur Fortunato and Philippe Reynaud as part of a December 2022 hackathon. Developers ... Read more

Getty Images is suing Stable Diffusion for copyright infringement

Getty Images has filed a lawsuit in the US against Stability AI, the creators of the open source AI image generator Stable Diffusion. The stock photo company accuses Stability AI of “brazen infringement of Getty Images’ intellectual property on a staggering scale.” It claims that Stability AI copied more than ... Read more – an AI-powered image generator for erotica and porn

It was bound to happen sooner or later. With the massive emergence of artificial intelligence-based image generators that learn from billions of images from the Internet and can create a realistic picture with people or drawings in the style of famous artists, it was only a matter of time before ... Read more

Artists revolt against artificial intelligence by boycotting ArtStation

ArtStation, a platform that allows artists working in games, film, media and entertainment to showcase their portfolios, has been flooded with the same image posted over and over again by different users: a big red “NO” sign covering the word ” AI’ and the caption ‘NO AI GENERATED IMAGE’. Starting ... Read more

Lexica Aperture’s AI can create extremely realistic photos

Lexica is a search engine for images and hints generated by artificial intelligence. Company founder Sharif Shameem introduced a new Lexica Aperture model that can create realistic photos. Introducing Lexica Aperture – a model that can generate realistic looking photographs. Try the beta out for yourself here. (log in then ... Read more

The Avengers 1980 directed by Wes Anderson – Midjourney V4 image generator version

What if the superhero movie The Avengers was directed in 1980 by the American director Wes Anderson, known for his films The Grand Budapest Hotel and The French Dispatch? The answer to this question can now be given by artificial intelligence, which generates images based on text clues. Twitter user ... Read more

The Stable Diffusion Version 2 update stopped the creation of porn and the generation of images in the style of specific artists

Users of AI image generator Stable Diffusion are unhappy with a major update to Version 2, which eliminated its ability to generate pornographic images as well as images in the style of specific artists. Stable Diffusion’s developer, Stability AI, reworked key components of the AI ​​model in the update and ... Read more

AI can now take fake selfies for your Tinder profile

The craze for image-generating artificial intelligence has entered its next phase of absurdity: creating fake profile photos to help you look better on dating apps like Tinder and on social media. For $19, a service called PhotoAI uses 12-20 of your mediocre, poorly lit selfies to generate a batch of ... Read more

DeviantArt has disappointed artists with the new DreamUp artificial intelligence generator

Online artist community DeviantArt has announced the launch of DreamUp – an AI-based text-to-image conversion service that uses Stable Diffusion technology. At the same time, DeviantArt added an option that allows artists to opt out of AI training based on their images, but by default this option is turned off ... Read more