Google launches a new tool for creating images based on artificial intelligence. It is called ImageFX and is based on the Imagen 2 model, reports TechCrunch.

The tool offers users to create and edit images using prompts. Although other AI image generators can do this, Google’s product has its own peculiarities.

For example, ImageFX offers “expressive chips” – keywords that allow users to experiment with “adjacent dimensions” of their creations and ideas.

“Designed for experimentation and creativity, ImageFX lets you create images with a simple text prompt, then easily modify them with a new take on prompting using expressive chips,” Google writes in a blog post.


The company has also taken steps to prevent misuse of ImageFX. Among other things, this includes restricting “problematic outputs” such as violence, offensive and sexually explicit content.

Besides, Google has conducted extensive testing and created “red teaming” to identify and mitigate potentially harmful or problematic content.

The images created with ImageFX will be watermarked with SynthID technology. This is an additional security measure.

Last summer, Google started testing SynthID technology to recognize images created by AI. The watermark is embedded in individual pixels of the image, so the human eye will not be able to see it, but the computer will recognize it.

In the fall, Google announced SynthID technology to recognize music created by AI.