AI generator Midjourney learns quickly and creates almost photorealistic images, but errors in its work still happen – and sometimes quite funny.

Reddit user showed the results of Midjourney’s work on with the request “female influencer relaxing playing PlayStation 5 having a blast”. And if there are almost no issues with the actual appearance of the girl (even the number of fingers is correct), then you can’t say the same about her gamepad.

The Dualsense AI generator was able to reproduce the signature colors on only two of the four variants, as for the shape… here Midjourney “lost” completely, drawing gamepads from nightmares. They’re crammed full of randomly arranged buttons, triggers, and sticks. These controllers are a pain to even look at, let alone try to use in-game.

Midjourney seems to be having issues with the game controllers

According to the commentators, one of the possible reasons for the “flop” may be the unclear wording of the task. Also, a problem for Midjourney is probably the fact that there are significantly fewer photos of the back of the gamepads than the photos of the “full face”.

PS: by the way, the strange “reverse” grip in the last image is not a Midjourney invention, but the real thing. This is how some Japanese players played Armored Core on the DualShock, and it even has its own name – densetsu no AC mochi.