An-225 Mriya

Antonov / Hostomel Airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Australian modder with the nickname Oh_Gaz created Antonov / Hostomel airport in the Microsoft Flight Simulator game. This is a very detailed model made on the basis of photos taken during various air shows of previous years, reports after the start of the full-scale war, satellite photos and communication of ... Read more

An-225 Mriya appeared in Microsoft Flight Simulator

As we wrote before, yesterday, February 27, 2023, on the anniversary of the destruction of the An-225 Mriya aircraft, its virtual copy appeared in Microsoft Flight Simulator as a paid add-on from the Famous Flyer series. The cost of the virtual An-225 Mriya in the Microsoft Flight Simulator store for ... Read more

On the anniversary of the destruction of “Mriya”, a virtual An-225 will take off in Microsoft Flight Simulator

It became known that the next aircraft in the Famous Flyer series for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be the Ukrainian An-225 “Mriya”. The world’s largest plane will appear in the game on February 27, 2023, the anniversary of destruction of the real Mriya. It is known that the studio iniBuilds ... Read more

“Antonov” is NOT building a new An-225 “Mriya”

Despite the words of Acting Director General of the Ukrainian State Enterprise “Antonov” Yevhen Gavrilov, published in Bild, the company is not building a new An-225 “Mriya” yet. “The works are carried out in a secret place. The second An-225 will be provided with both new parts and parts of ... Read more

Damaged An-225 Mriya is going to be traded for scrap. Is it true?

Yesterday, a video was published on the Internet in which the front part of the damaged An-225 Mriya was very brutally pulled out of the hangar in Hostomel with the help of an armored personnel carrier and a tractor. Some commentators even added that Mriya was going to be disposed ... Read more