Australian modder with the nickname Oh_Gaz created Antonov / Hostomel airport in the Microsoft Flight Simulator game.

This is a very detailed model made on the basis of photos taken during various air shows of previous years, reports after the start of the full-scale war, satellite photos and communication of the author with the staff of the airfield. Although some things, for example, the interior of buildings, were done randomly.

In addition, Oh_Gaz added a large number of custom models and Easter eggs to the airfield, such as other Antonov planes, Ukrainian military, LAZ buses, Ukrainian tanks, a tractor towed by a Russian tank, and so on. According to the author, it took him almost 1000 hours during the year to create the DLC.

Now UKKM Antonov-2 (Hostomel) International Airport can be purchased for 15 Australian dollars (about $10) on the Orbx website, and later (in 6-8 weeks) it will also be released in the Microsoft Flight Simulator internal store. 10% of the sale will go to the reconstruction fund of the second An-225 Mriya.

We will remind, on the anniversary of the battles for Hostomel virtual An-225 Mriya took off in Microsoft Flight Simulator and, judging by the reviews, the model of the plane is actively bought and liked by players. We hope they will like the addition of Antonov / Hostomel airport.

According to the author of the mod, he would love to recreate other airports in Ukraine, but for this, you need photos and the help of the local workers, which, as you understand, is impossible until Ukraine wins.