In the USA, a brain tissue that can develop like a real one has been printed on a 3D printer

Scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA) have printed functional brain tissue on a 3D printer. It is able to develop and form connections like a real one, writes Popular Science. The researchers described the results of their work in the journal Cell Stem Cell. As part of the study, ... Read more

3D printer buyers in the US are being asked to check their criminal backgrounds

Residents of the state of New York who are going to purchase 3D printers may be required to provide information about their criminal background. This bill was initiated by Senator Jennifer Rajkumar, writes Tom’s Hardware. The document is called A8132 and aims to prevent the unauthorized manufacture of firearms or ... Read more

Apple tests 3D printers to print steel cases for smartwatches

Apple is preparing for significant manufacturing changes. It is testing the use of 3D printers to produce steel cases for some future smartwatches. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing knowledgeable sources. This technology will avoid the need to cut large metal plates to the shape of future products. With the ... Read more

Bambu 3D printers started unexpectedly printing at night while their owners were sleeping

Owners of the popular Bambu 3D printers have discovered that their machines were disabled by a strange event in the middle of the night on August 15, writes The Verge. While the users were sleeping, their Bambu X1C or P1P devices started printing the previous copy without a command. Some ... Read more

The academic building of one of the schools in Lviv will be printed on a 3D printer

As notified by the Lviv City Council in Lviv, a modern academic building for elementary school students of school No.23 will be built at the expense of philanthropists. It would seem, so what? But the fact is that they plan to use 3D printing during the construction of the new ... Read more

Scientists have learned why Oreo fillings are so difficult to divide equally between two halves

The researchers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology decided to find out what happens to Oreo cream filling when cookies are divided into two halves. In addition to curiosity, it will help them develop new inks for 3D printing. To study this cookie, scientists have printed on a 3D printer ... Read more