Residents of the state of New York who are going to purchase 3D printers may be required to provide information about their criminal background. This bill was initiated by Senator Jennifer Rajkumar, writes Tom’s Hardware.

The document is called A8132 and aims to prevent the unauthorized manufacture of firearms or firearms components. According to the draft, a criminal background check of a potential buyer can take up to 15 days.

The bill is relevant because 3D printing of parts for, for example, a gun is not particularly difficult. There are many 3D model files on the Internet that can be obtained for free. However, if the printing is done using PLA or ABS thermoplastic materials, the weapon is unlikely to fire more than a few shots.

The A8132 bill may never actually make it to the ballot. However, if it does eventually become law, it will make purchasing 3D printers in the state more difficult and likely more expensive. This could lead to manufacturers and sellers of such equipment moving to other states.

Earlier, the state of New York introduced the bill A7489, which makes it illegal to manufacture weapons or distribute 3D models for them. The document, which has not yet been adopted, does not restrict the sale of 3D printers.