Owners of the popular Bambu 3D printers have discovered that their machines were disabled by a strange event in the middle of the night on August 15, writes The Verge.

While the users were sleeping, their Bambu X1C or P1P devices started printing the previous copy without a command. Some devices were damaged or crashed.

Bambu said on its official blog that it was investigating. But it suspects that a cloud failure was to blame. The company claims that there were two brief outages on its servers that day.

“Simply explained, the print job sent to the printer before was trapped on the cloud and had a delayed start,” writes Bambu.

This is worrisome because 3D printers are one of the few remote-controlled devices in the home that can heat up to a temperature high enough to start a fire. And now users know that the remote control system was not fully thought out.

Bambu is not trying to hide behind the typical corporate statements that companies often make in connection with such incidents. Instead, Bambu said it takes full responsibility.

“We wish to extend our sincerest apologies for this incident. We understand the frustration and inconvenience it may have caused, and we accept full responsibility. It is difficult to have a cloud service 100% reliable all the time, but we should at least have designed the system more carefully to avoid such embarrassing consequences,” emphasized in Bambu.

The company is working to find the root cause of the problem and ensure that the situation never happens again. Bambu is asking customers who have experienced the incident to contact the support team to resolve the issue.

As you know, Bambu Lab specializes in the production of desktop 3D printers. The company has three manufacturing facilities, two in China and one in the United States.