The summertime of the year opens up opportunities to test alternative transport or just openly use it. And among the possible options for personal transport, of course, it is worth mentioning electric scooters. Especially when the well-known technology brand – Acer – is printed on the body of this scooter! So, meet: electric scooter Acer ES Series 3.

Design and specifications of Acer ES Series 3

A flat platform, a T-shaped handlebar, and two wheels – it’s like a standard scooter design, where only small details can be changed and added. For example, install a light: it is located at the top of the handlebar and serves more to identify the Acer ES Series 3 scooter in the dark than to illuminate the road – because for this the light had to be installed lower or made more powerful.

At the same time, the rear optics are excellent. At the base of the wheel are two yellow signals that flash when moving forward or are used as turn signals – the corresponding “right/left” switch is on the handlebar. In addition, there is a bell and a handle for the rear brake on the handlebar. By the way, disc brakes are used here, and when they are turned on, there is a “stop light” indication on the fender of the rear wheel.

The length of the Acer ES Series 3 electric scooter is 107 cm, and the width is 49 cm, but the height can vary – 120 cm (in the standard position) or 54 cm (in the folded state). The AcerES Series 3 model weighs 16 kg: it is really light enough for a grown man or a strong teenager to carry. From the decor – green and white stripes.

It is worth noting that the Acer ES Series 3 electric scooter acquires its final appearance only after assembly because it is delivered in a disassembled form. A large cardboard box contains the scooter itself with the handlebar unscrewed, which requires screws (included, as well as the necessary key). After that, you need to install the handlebar vertically and fix it with a lock – it will be used in the future for daily assembly/disassembly of the scooter, screws and a key will no longer be needed.

After all, there is nothing complicated. However, keep in mind that the first assembly of the Acer ES Series 3 scooter will require 10-15 minutes to unpack the box and tighten the screws. Therefore, the option “took it out of the box and drive away immediately” does not work here.

The AcerES Series 3 electric scooter comes in a cardboard box, the kit also includes an instruction manual and a charger. The handlebar requires a one-time screwing to its base (steel pipe-stand), then the central lock, which will be used for daily assembly/disassembly of the scooter, is on the right. By the way, the lock is tight, but holds firmly – this is a matter of ease of use. And in general…

Ease of use

Here, it is necessary to immediately mention the base, which has a soft rubber coating with numerous inclined lines: it is convenient to put the legs on them, and the fixation is reliable. The rubber coating is also used for “grips” on the handlebar. The latter have flattened parts on their edges – this is necessary when you want to put part of the palm there and somewhat relax the hands during long-term movement.

Among other features of the Acer ES Series 3 electric scooter, it is worth noting the footrest at the base, orange light-reflective elements, as well as the central hook. It is the last one that fixes the scooter in the folded position, but this hook can also be used to hang a small bag or an umbrella.

The aluminum alloy base has a rubber coating and a side step, next to it is a charging port with a rubber cover; by the way, it is claimed to be waterproof at the level of IPX4. Orange reflectors are placed near the front wheel, similar orange indicators are also present behind. They can work as turn indicators – the corresponding switch is on the handlebar on the left. Along with it, two more elements are also installed: a bell and a rear brake handle. By the way: the brakes can be adjusted, and when the handle is pressed, the “stop light” turns on. Among other light optics, we can mention the front light.

Speed and battery life of Acer ES Series 3

The following parameters are declared for the electric scooter: electric motor power 250 W; speed up to 20-25 km/h; operating voltage 36 V; battery capacity 7.5 A⋅h.; the maximum driving range is up to 20-25 km. And what can you actually get?

First, you need to turn on the scooter: for this, press and hold the button on the control panel located in the center of the handlebar. Then put one foot on the step, barely push with the other, press the button key on the right – let’s go! The Acer ES Series 3 scooter starts moving only when its speed is 3-5 km/h or more. This is a great “foolproof” when someone can accidentally press a key on the spot and suddenly and dangerously start. Because it usually ends not with the start, but with the fall of the scooter.

You can gradually reach a maximum speed of 20-25 km/h (this depends on the size/build/weight of the person, the direction of the wind, the presence of slopes, etc.) – but this speed is reached only in the third mode of movement. The first is limited to 6 km/h, the second is limited to 10 km/h; switching is done by double-clicking the on/off button. But here it is worth noting that the three modes of movement set not only the maximum speed but also the level of acceleration: in the first and second modes, the acceleration is very weak, and only in the third it becomes more or less sufficient.

Another nuance of the Acer ES Series 3 scooter is related to its suspension. More precisely, its absence: the wheels are fixed rigidly, without shock-absorbing springs. In addition, these wheels are also small (8.5 inches) and made of solid rubber. Therefore, all bumps and junctions of the road are immediately felt in the hands. However, such wheels also have their advantages – they are not afraid of punctures.

The Acer ES Series 3 electric scooter has front-wheel drive (the motor is placed inside) but no front brakes – that is, there is no risk of tipping forward during hard braking. Also, there is no air in solid rubber tires – that is, there is no risk of punctures. And thanks to its relatively compact and not very heavy design, the Acer ES Series 3 scooter is very easy to drive, it maneuvers easily, brakes well, and has more or less sufficient dynamics (in the third driving mode). That is an option for beginners, the minimum necessary level of characteristics – but also a minimum of care and attention. The central unit on the handlebar combines the power button and display: speed, selected mode, battery charge, and headlights. But on a bright sunny day, it can shine.

Acer ES Series 3 Electric Scooter review: a good starter option?

And the last thing: about the mileage. A teenager or a small adult weighing 45-50 kg can really count on 20 km of mileage. But with a careful driving style and on a flat surface when there are no constant ups/downs. Because the latter force you to divide the declared mileage by 1.5 times; and if an adult weighing 80-90 kg will also be traveling (permitted carrying capacity up to 100 kg), then it is desirable to divide the promised amount in half. After that, fully charging the battery (the charging unit is designed for 42 V and 2 A) takes about four hours.