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A4Tech Bloody S98 mechanical gaming keyboard review

The A4Tech Bloody S98 is a keyboard designed for those who want a durable gaming or work tool that won’t make you worry about breaking the switches and having to throw it away. At least that’s what the manufacturer promises, but whether it’s true or not, we’ll find out in ... Read more

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

Today, we are going to review a really interesting gaming headset from A4Tech, whose products have become a favorite among a large number of users for their good quality and functionality and relatively low, “people’s” price. All this can be said in full about the Bloody MR710, but, as always, ... Read more

Cougar Puri Mini RGB – review of a compact mechanical keyboard

Today we’re going to take a look at a small but interesting mechanical keyboard Cougar Puri Mini RGB with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 3,499 UAH. I will say right away that it is definitely not for everyone, but if you are a connoisseur of high quality “mechanics” in ... Read more

ASUS ROG Gladius 3 Wireless Aimpoint – a lightweight wireless gaming mouse

In order to be light, a gaming mouse does not necessarily have to be simple, poorly equipped and have a lot of holes in the body to reduce weight, in which dust will also be stuffed. This statement is proved by the ASUS ROG Gladius 3 Wireless Aimpoint wireless mouse, ... Read more

ASUS ROG Falchion Ace – review of a compact mechanical keyboard

Today we will get acquainted with a really interesting and unusual ROG Falchion Ace mechanical keyboard. It is unusual not only due to its rare form factor of 65%, but also due to some interesting features that ASUS engineers equipped it with. ROG Falchion Ace package contents The keyboard comes ... Read more

Hator Starfall RGB mechanical keyboard review

Today we will get acquainted with the relatively affordable, but high-quality Hator Starfall RGB mechanical keyboard, which has nothing superfluous. At first glance, everything here is perfect – reliable switches, solid construction, and a minimum of additional functions. Is everything really so good? Let’s take a closer look. Hator Starfall ... Read more

Razer Deathadder V3 ultralight gaming mouse review

Deathadder V3 is the continuation of one of the oldest series of gaming mice not only by Razer, but in general in this segment. There aren’t that many models on the market that have been around for over 17 years. In its new iteration, the Deathadder offers gamers a light ... Read more

Cougar Vantar AX slim metal keyboard review

As practice shows, not everyone needs mechanical keyboards, which quite often have a high key profile. In the comments to reviews and news, you can meet users who want a slim keyboard with a short key travel. The Cougar company has a model Vantar AX especially for those needs, which ... Read more

Cougar Airblader Tournament ultralight mouse review

Lightweight mice are needed and in demand. Manufacturers understand this and there are more and more such models. Today we will talk about the new Cougar Airblader Tournament gaming mouse. It is very light, equipped with a cool sensor, and quite convenient. Let’s take a closer look at this model. ... Read more

MSI Clutch GM31 Lightweight and Clutch GM31 Lightweight Wireless gaming mice review

In my opinion, MSI peripherals don’t get the attention they deserve. And it’s a shame because this pair of mice definitely deserves attention and even recommendations for purchase. The most interesting thing about the Clutch GM31 models is their weight, which is why they got the Lightweight prefix in the ... Read more

Skyfall TKL Wireless Pro – Hator wireless mechanical keyboard review

This Hator keyboard is not as simple as it seems at first glance. The compact design hides a lot of interesting features that are not found in every keyboard. The Skyfall TKL Wireless Pro can connect and work with Windows computers, Macs, and smartphones, can quickly switch between three Bluetooth ... Read more

Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard experience

Logitech MX Keys Mini is one of the few keyboard models that can easily switch between three PCs, supports both MacOS and Windows, is also equipped with a backlight and can work on battery charge for over a month. As part of this review, I will share my impressions of ... Read more

Hator Quasar Wireless gaming mouse review

Hator Quasar Wireless is a very interesting wireless gaming mouse. What’s special about it? First, it has a top sensor. Secondly, high-quality and reliable switches. Thirdly, the mouse can be connected to the computer in three different ways: Bluetooth, radio channel through the receiver and cable. At the same time, ... Read more

Logitech MX Master 3S review – perfect ergonomics

MX Master top line mice are among the most comfortable among all mice. A loud statement, right? But it is true. One of the indicators of convenience is that for several generations, the shape of the MX Master model has not changed at all. The sensor, software, keys improved, but ... Read more

My experience with Xbox Series X: a difficult year

A year ago I purchased Xbox Series X after several months of using Series S. And all year I have been answering the questions why not PlayStation 5, what the situation with the payment for games in Ukraine is, and how it’s going with Game Pass. In this article I’m ... Read more