Today, we are going to review a really interesting gaming headset from A4Tech, whose products have become a favorite among a large number of users for their good quality and functionality and relatively low, “people’s” price. All this can be said in full about the Bloody MR710, but, as always, there are nuances.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 accessories

The headset comes with a soft storage pouch, charging cable, USB Type-C to mini-jack adapter cable, receiver, and extension cable.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

All the cables are quite soft and braided with fabric.


Over the years of using various A4Tech products, I’ve become accustomed to the company’s frequent use of bright design solutions and elements often associated with a teenage audience. Lots of backlighting, aggressive shapes – you get the idea. The Bloody MR710 keeps some of that code, but gives the impression of a more mature brand.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

The headset looks quite stylish before it is turned on. However, the backlight is not without its place; it turns on on the side cups, which in my opinion spoils the design a bit.

Fortunately, you can turn it off to conserve battery power, and I would recommend doing so. Other than that, I like the design, it’s practical and will suit a lot of people.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

The Bloody MR710 are large headphones made entirely of matte black plastic. Besides the backlighting, the red inlays are a striking design element that matches the headphones very well. The plastic and manufacturing quality is good. Moving parts are well fixed in their positions. The only complaint about the appearance of the headphones is that the plastic of the headband is marred and shows signs of use.

Ease of use

One thing I can’t fault the Bloody MR710 for is comfort. I really liked the way the headphones fit on my head. The first thing to note is the material used for the ear cushions and the inside of the headband. It’s a mesh fabric that feels good and breathes well, as I found out in the August heat.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

Even if the room is not air conditioned, the headphones will not steam or pressurize your skin. But you have to understand that comfort is an individual thing. As for the tactile experience, everything is fine. The ear cups rotate and the headband is adjustable. For added comfort when worn around the neck, the cups can be rotated.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

On the right earcup are controls: a three-way joystick for volume and music playback. Slightly lower are the power rocker and the on/off button for the headphone microphone. The latter also controls the backlight. Below that, you’ll find a USB Type-C port and an LED mode indicator.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

There are no controls on the left cup, just a retractable microphone on a flexible leg. We’ll talk about voice quality later.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

The only aspect I didn’t like, and I’m sure I’m not the only one, were the system sounds that play when you turn it on and plug it in. A very loud female voice plays during these actions, which can be unpleasant. I have not found a way to turn off these sounds.

Sound and voice quality A4Tech Bloody MR710

I liked the way the Bloody MR710 headphones reproduced music and sound in games. Fortunately, this headset did not suffer the fate of so many gaming headphones – too much bass and a minimum of other frequencies. Everything is more or less balanced and there is just the right amount of bass. The sound detail is not bad, but the mids feel a little tight. Overall, the sound is not bad for this price range and is quite versatile.

A4Tech Bloody MR710 wireless gaming headset review

The voice quality was not surprising, especially when connected via a USB receiver. To put it bluntly, it’s mediocre. But in wired mode and via Bluetooth, everything is relatively good. Examples of how the microphone works can be found at the link below.

Operating time and connection options

Bloody MR710 offers its user three options for connecting to an audio source:

  • via Bluetooth directly to the sound source;
  • using a USB receiver via 2.4 GHz protocol;
  • via a 3.5 mm to USB Type-C cable. Thanks to it, you can connect the headset to consoles, because the Xbox Series X, for example, never saw a USB receiver. But this is not a criticism, because nobody promised it.

There were no problems with any of the possible connection options, I have no complaints here.

The manufacturer claims a battery life of up to 45 hours without backlighting and 22 hours with backlighting, which is about right. It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the headset. However, it is impossible to charge the headset and use it at the same time.