Finally, we are welcoming the new Nissan X-Trail in Ukraine! This is the freshest model in the Ukrainian Nissan lineup and also the flagship for our market: there are no larger, more expensive, more powerful Nissan vehicles in the showrooms of authorized dealers. As if to confirm its status, the new Nissan X-Trail crossover has not only appeared in a new generation, but also brought a new e-POWER e-4ORCE technology, which means an electrified powertrain and electric all-wheel drive. By what else can the car attract?

Nissan X-Trail design: crossover SUV

You can accuse me of being sexist, but the new Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE looks like a man’s car. There are many straight lines, almost rectangular headlights, a massive front end with a wide radiator grille, and a signature curve on the rear window. Formally, the Nissan X-Trail is a crossover. But with all its appearance, it tries to look like real brutal SUVs.

New Nissan XTrail Т33 series looks massive, powerful, big. Visually, the novelty hints at the T30 and T31 series cars; although in fact, it has become even slightly shorter compared to its predecessor, the T32 series. Here are the exact dimensions: length – 4.68 meters; width – 1.84 meters; height – 1.73 meters; wheelbase – 2.705 meters. So, the difference in size with the predecessor is minimal, sometimes even minus, and the wheelbase is generally the same. What’s inside the cabin?

Inside, there’s plenty of space and a completely new front fascia shape, with horizontal lines that seem to emphasize the width of the cabin. Plus, add two 12.3-inch displays that work to create a modern feel. Plus, add a separate climate control unit and wireless charging underneath, which work for a sense of convenience. Plus add a massive two-story center console that works for a sense of originality.

In addition to the completely redesigned front end, the new Nissan X-Trail also offers more space and convenience in the rear. In fact, the previous Nissan X-Trail T32 crossover was a great option for a large family: good headroom, sliding rear seats, and heated second row. What can be added here? Well, for example, a separate “climate” zone and sun blinds on the side windows.

The new Nissan X-Trail also adds a third row of seats. This option existed before, but it became available in Ukraine for the first time with the advent of the new generation of the model. Of course, in the case of a 4.7-meter car, it is difficult to count on a spacious third row, but in principle, its presence is an advantage among competitors. But keep in mind that this reduces the trunk volume by about 100 liters and somewhat reduces its convenience. Here’s a closer look at the test 5-seater and its trunk – 575 liters of space and double shelves.

The interior is completely new in design and stands out with interesting details: a two-story center console, stitched soft seats (which for some reason lack massage and/or ventilation); plus a great supply of space and convenience for passengers in the back. The dashboard display, the joystick on the center console, the placement of the battery in the trunk under the movable shelves – all this hints that we are looking at Nissan XTrail in e-POWER version; and the round selector hints that the car has all-wheel drive e-4 ORCE. So, the technique…

Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE design: double electrification

Here I would like to mention an article about the Nissan Qashqai e-POWER, where the electrified e-POWER system was first analyzed. Quick and easy: a 1.5 VC-Turbo gasoline engine with a variable compression ratio, it is used only to drive the generator; then an intermediate battery and an electric drive are used – the car is driven exclusively by an electric motor that turns the front wheels. A similar scheme is used here, but with a nuance. While the Nissan Qashqai e-POWER offers 140 kW of power, the “older” Nissan X-Trail e-POWER crossover is ready to offer 150 kW of power and 330 Nm of torque in addition – but all of this is on front-wheel drive.

But the e-4ORCE designation is even more interesting: this designation hides the addition of another electric motor that already turns the rear wheels. This is how the scheme with electrified all-wheel drive was created. The rear electric motor has a power of 100 kW and 195 Nm of torque. However, the power cannot be added arithmetically (150 + 100), because the electric motors operate in different modes: instead of 250 kW, we get a total power of 157 kW or 213 hp.

Although, in addition to the additional electric motor in the rear wheel drive, the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE version also features an expanded list of driving modes. Thus, to the standard “normal/sport/eco” modes, snow and off-road modes have also been added. All these modes are selected via a round selector on the center console. Therefore, if you see one of these in the cabin of the new Nissan X-Trail, you immediately realize that you are dealing with the most technologically advanced version of e-POWER e-4ORCE.

Main feature Nissan XTrail ePOWER e-4ORCE is to use two electric motors at once, one to drive the front and one to drive the rear wheels. The sophisticated equipment under the hood and on the rear axle is recognized by numerous bright high-voltage wires. But the round switch for driving modes will help you recognize this equipment in the cabin. And how does it all drive?

What gives double “e”: dynamics and economy of the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE

Everything about acceleration control, dynamics, speed, braking – everything is good. In fact, the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE crossover always moves thanks to electric motors, so it resembles an electric car in acceleration: linear and continuous traction, no pauses in pressing the accelerator pedal and real acceleration. Plus, there is an energy recovery system that can be activated through the B-position of the joystick on the center console. There is also an e-Pedal setting that allows you to slow down the car even without pressing the brake pedal – it starts to stop as soon as the driver releases the accelerator. So, we have the logic of electric vehicle control.

However, it is not a simple one, but one with all-wheel drive and two electric motors. Thus, the “snow” mode involves the active operation of two electric motors, but very soft and extended reactions to pressing the accelerator pedal – all to prevent slipping. Instead, the off-road mode also requires the two electric motors to work continuously, but the reactions are much more lively. By the way, it is somewhat similar to the “sport” mode, in which the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE crossover is ready to hit “hundred” in seven seconds and a penny. However, at first it is not felt: even in “sport” all the power is not piled up instantly, but increases gradually, albeit very actively. I had time to catch my breath, looked at the speedometer – and realized that in terms of speed-up dynamics, the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE is one of the best in the class.

However, everything about the chassis setup, chassis, and driving feel is nuanced. I would like to say that the car is soft and comfortable: it often seems to “float” over pits, is quite quiet on the road, and bows to every turn in a measured manner. But there are times when the suspension is “pierced” and it gives a tangible jolt to the cabin. And the steering wheel is just a steering wheel: medium sharpness, normal steering response, minimal feedback. As for the rolls and tilts in the corners, I’m sure you’ve already figured it out. The new Nissan X-Trail crossover is definitely not designed for the pleasure of cornering. But the e-POWER e-4ORCE system at least allows you to enjoy straightforward driving, acceleration, economy…

The gasoline engine is clearly visible under the hood, but in fact, two electric motors hidden deep in the body are responsible for the 7-second dynamics. Various additional modes and settings really affect the behavior of the car. Interestingly, the crossover meets the passport standards not only in terms of dynamics and speed (0-100 km/h in 7-7.2 seconds and 180 km/h maximum), but also in terms of fuel consumption (6.3-6.7 liters per 100 km in the combined cycle): I consistently got 6-6.5 liters around the city, and a similar figure was kept on the highway at speeds of about a hundred.

The cost of Nissan X-Trail in different configurations

And here I will allow myself to recall the first acquaintance with the new Nissan X-Trail, where we analyzed the equipment and price in detail. In short – more than two dozen versions, front or all-wheel drive, several powertrain options and a 5- or 7-seater interior. In general, all versions of NissanXTrail are in the range of UAH 1.2-2 million or $32-54 thousand. But there are nuances.

For example, the starting VISIA for UAH 1.2 million ($32 thousand) is already well equipped: 18-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, lane control, monitoring of blind spots in mirrors and cross traffic behind, intelligent cruise, six airbags, etc. But this car is only offered in the 1.5 VC-T MHEV version and with a 5-seater cabin.

Do you want to get a rearview camera, keyless entry, climate control, heated front/rear seats? Then you need to take ACENTA – and this equipment immediately adds about 100 thousand UAH to the initial price. If you want to get the e-POWER version, you’ll have to pay about 150 thousand UAH extra. And the all-wheel drive version of e-POWER e-4ORCE means another 120 thousand UAH to the above – that’s how you get the Nissan X-Trail ACENTA e-POWER e-4ORCE worth almost 1.6 million UAH or about $42 thousand.

And then even more. The N-CONNECTA package (plus about 100 thousand UAH) can offer a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel and a 12.3-inch central touchscreen display, surround view cameras, and interior background lighting. The TEKNA and TEKNA+ trim levels (plus 170-190 thousand UAH) additionally offer leather, BOSE audio, glass projection, etc. And let’s mention the 7-seater cabin – it costs about 30 thousand UAH in addition.

As is usually the case, the test crossover Nissan XTrail was presented in the maximum configuration – both in terms of technology ePOWER e-4ORCE and equipment TEKNA+. The latter means the presence of everything that this car has to offer today: adaptive high beams and 19-inch wheels, leather interior, panoramic roof, heated seats and 3-zone climate, a pair of 12.3-inch displays and all-round visibility. You can also add a 7-seater interior (the test crossover had a 5-seater), but as for me, the 5-seater is better: it has a larger and more comfortable trunk instead of a pair of angular seats. The cost of such a car is almost 2 million UAH or about $53 thousand; a similar car, but with a 7-seater interior, has already crossed the UAH 2 million mark.

Is it expensive? Most competitors will either be cheaper or cost similar money. Even in the case of, for example, the Toyota RAV4, you can get a wide range of configurations, conventional or hybrid 4-cylinder engines, all-wheel drive with a base engine, and so on – but the Nissan X-Trail matches the interior: more space, more amenities in the back, and a 7-seater option. Another competitor is the Mazda CX-5 with its driving character and high-quality interior trim, but the Nissan X-Trail again responds with a comfortable family cabin and economical hybrids. We can mention the inexpensive and spacious Mitsubishi Outlander (there is also a 7-seater version), but here the Nissan X-Trail relies on modern technology. The competition with the Hyundai Tucson is probably the most difficult: there is front or all-wheel drive, there are many engine options (gasoline/diesel/hybrid) and configurations; but there is no 7-seater cabin.

Results of the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE test drive

Here’s the answer to the headline: yes, the new Nissan X-Trail is much better than its predecessors – more modern, more thoughtful, more technologically advanced. And the dual “e” version of e-POWER e-4ORCE is the best embodiment of what this crossover has to offer.

However, the car has become not only much better, but also much more expensive. And so unpleasant questions remain. Are customers ready to buy the new Nissan X-Trail in the same quantities as they bought its predecessor? And which versions will prevail in sales: the more affordable 1.5 VC-T MHEV or the more technologically advanced e-POWER and e-4ORCE? In the end, won’t all this lead to customers choosing rivals?

Only time and sales figures will provide answers to these questions. However, it is already clear that the new Nissan X-Trail will not be just a statistic in its class, but rather the opposite – it will be one of its leaders. You just realize: this car has made a very powerful and big leap forward! Do you agree? Then be prepared to pay for it.

Nissan X-Trail e-POWER e-4ORCE test drive: brand new – better in everything?

The car was provided by Nissan Ukraine