A complete list of versions and a price list for the new Nissan X-Trail SUV for Ukraine has already appeared! What is offered? Now let’s take a closer look and discuss…

The new Nissan X-Trail is the usual format

Exactly! Changing generations, the car remained in its well-known format: it is a middle-class SUV – 4.68 meters long, 1.84 meters wide, 1.73 meters high. However, while preserving the format and dimensions (plus or minus), the new Nissan X-Trail SUV radically updated the design: an almost straight line of the “window sill”, two-story headlights, a massive radiator grille.

Personally, this car reminds me not even of its direct predecessor, but Nissan XTrail SUV of the first-second generation – they were just “rectangular” and “brutal”.

At the same time, the new Nissan X-Trail SUV has become more luxurious and family friendly. You only need to look at the new interior, where the tone is set by a pair of 12.3-inch displays, a massive “climate” unit, and a steering wheel with wide spokes. However, we have already seen a similar interior – on the model Nissan Qashqai . But what makes the “older brother” Nissan X-Trail different is the presence of a 7-seater version of the car!

In fact, such options existed even in the previous generation of the Nissan X-Trail model, but only for some sales markets. But from now on, the 7-seater version of the Nissan X-Trail will be available in Ukraine as well.

The wheelbase has not changed (2,705 meters), but the design of the front part of the cabin and the layout of the rear have changed – a 7-seater version with a third row of seats will be available for Ukraine! Depending on the number of seats and configuration, the volume of the trunk also varies: from 485 to 585 liters in the standard position of the seats of the second row.

Technology: hybrids, turbo, all-wheel drive e-4ORCE

Do you think that the appearance of the 7-seater version is the most important revolution for the new Nissan X-Trail? What about offering only hybrid versions of the car?!

Conventional engine options are currently not announced at all. Moreover, there is not even naturally aspirated and four cylinders options. Currently, the new Nissan X-Trail SUV in Ukraine will offer two hybrid versions, and both are built around the VC-Turbo gasoline engine: a working volume of 1.5 liters, three cylinders, a turbine and a variable compression ratio.

The hybrid version of the MHEV provides “mild hybrid” technology and a power of 163 hp, which is transmitted to the front wheels via the XTRONIC transmission. Currently, the fuel consumption figures of such a car are still in the process of being clarified, but the acceleration to a hundred km/h (9.6 seconds) and the maximum speed at the level of 200 km/h are already known.

An alternative to it is another hybrid – with the designation e-POWER: in this case, the internal combustion engine is generally used only to rotate the generator and receive electricity, and the movement is provided thanks to the electric motor. Or even electric motors. If you need to get a Nissan X-Trail SUV with all-wheel drive, then it will definitely be the e-POWER hybrid with all-wheel drive e-4ORCE, realized thanks to two electric motors.

The power of the hybrid version of Nissan X-Trail e-POWER with one electric motor and front-wheel drive is 204 hp, the power of the version of Nissan X-Trail e-POWER with two electric motors and all-wheel drive e-4ORCE reaches 213 hp. Acceleration to a hundred km/h takes 7-7.2-8 seconds (depending on the type of drive and the number of seats in the cabin), the maximum speed is declared at 170-180 km/h.

The most interesting thing is the letter “e”! We are talking about a hybrid<ePOWER (the internal combustion engine is used as a generator), as well as four-wheel drive e-4ORCE (built on the basis of two electric motors). But maybe it is too radical for conservative buyers of Nissan XTrail? And will they agree to pay for innovation?

The price of the new Nissan X-Trail and its competitors

So: a combination of two hybrids, front or all-wheel drive, five different configurations, a standard 5- or 7-seat interior – all this gives us 21 (!) variants of the Nissan X-Trail. In addition, add different colors of the body, two-tone execution, various seat trim options…

The start of the Nissan X-Trail is given by the Visia configuration, which already offers an automatic transmission (XTRONIC variator), Full LED headlights, air conditioning, a package of active safety systems and much more. However, there will only be a MHEV-hybrid, front-wheel drive and a 5-seater interior. The price of the Nissan X-Trail Visia car is from UAH 1.16 million.

The next Acenta trim adds, for example, a rearview camera, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, heated seats and steering wheel. In addition, you can choose the MHEV or e-POWER version, front or all-wheel drive, 5- or 7-seat interior. The price range is from UAH 1.26 to 1.55 million.

Next there are configurations N-Connecta (plus two 12.3-inch displays and an all-round view), Tekna (plus adaptive high beam and Bose audio), Tekna+ (plus premium leather in the cabin). Any combination of power units, type of drive, number of seats in the cabin is also possible in these configurations. But such cars are valued from 1.36 to 1.92 million hryvnias.

Offering a price of UAH 1.16-1.92 million, the SUV Nissan XTrail gets a lot of competitors: there are Asian and European brands, gasoline and diesel engines, hybrid options, interesting equipment and maximum configurations. It will not be easy to win the “purse race” against such opponents…

Will the new Nissan X-Trail last? We will find out soon – the start of sales is planned for the beginning of 2023. But it seems that the Nissan X-Trail SUV is well prepared and ready to offer several “trump cards” that can be decisive for buyers.